The #1 Thing Getting In The Way Of Your Success

The #1 Thing getting in the way of your success

There´s no doubt; we live in a world of expectations higher than ever before. Expectations that demand you produce more in less and less time.

And, as if that weren´t enough, you need to be at everyone´s beck and call 24/7 – via phone, text, email, social media! Life was supposed to be easier with all of this technology to support you, right?

So, what happened? Why are you feeling so stressed?!

After all, we all know too much stress is bad for us.

And, while a little stress helps you grow, too much stress can lead to all kinds of problems.

Those headaches you keep having. The aching muscles in your neck, shoulders and back. The heartburn, high blood pressure, heart disease and overeating. Nine times out of 10, stress is the culprit behind all of these. And, to top it off, it makes you age more quickly, too.

But that´s not all…

When you keep loading one commitment on top of the other, you decrease your effectiveness. Taking on too much means you don´t do the job you set out to do as well as you could. You switch from one task to the next, so that – even if you do get it done – it actually takes you longer…

Why Do So Many Executive & Professional Women Struggle With Overwhelm?

Underpaid, overworked, underappreciated, objectified, and struggling to break through a glass ceiling that just keeps getting thicker…professional women have never had it easy.

Add to that the ubiquitous stressors in modern day society and is it any wonder you seem to be living life on the edge, just waiting for the plates you´ve been juggling to come crashing down around you?

Over 50 years ago, in his book Future Shock, author Alvin Toffler wrote that “we make more decisions in a month than our great-grandparents, in their agrarian society, made in a lifetime.”

What would you bet the timeframe is now? A month, a week…a day?

Think about it for a moment.

What Do I Mean By “The BIG O” (no, not that one!)?

Let me just make sure we´re on the same page here.

For me, overwhelm means being overpowered by a plate that is continually overflowing; where you feel confused about your priorities and there´s a lack of healthy boundaries, both internally and externally.

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