My 5-Step Plan For Getting (& STAYING) Out Of Overwhelm! (PART 3)

5-step plan for getting out of overwhelm

Like I mentioned in a recent post on LinkedIn, chances are - if you´re struggling with feeling overwhelmed by everything going on in your life - you never actually CHOSE to let that happen. The good news is you most certainly can choose to become more aware of your emotions and how they shape the quality of the life you are living.

Here´s how…

Step 1 – Center Yourself

Take a few breaths. Slow down for a minute. Listen to your inner dialog. Listen to the negativity. Now, write it all down. List the accusations, the demands, the statements about just how dire your future is…

Step 2 – Pinpoint Your Negative Beliefs

Write down the beliefs that you have about yourself, your work, your company and your relationships. Write down your beliefs about money, your life and the future.

Now, for each global generalization ask, “Is this true?” (Hint: All generalizations are false including this one.)

Step 3 – Transform Those Negative Beliefs

Look at the negative beliefs you´ve just written down. Now it´s time to choose more useful, beneficial beliefs and write them down for each of the categories listed in step 2.

Once you have them noted, take a few minutes to say them out loud. Express them with feeling.

Step 4 – Use Your Body

When you are struggling with a negative state in the “Big O”, what do you feel in your body?

Do you feel energized? NO! Are you standing tall? NO! Are you moving purposefully? NO! Are you breathing deeply? NO! Is your mind flooded with positive pictures? NO!

Write down the empowering emotions you want to feel. Make a note of more empowering ways to proactively use your body, i.e. breathe deeply. Sit upright. Hold your shoulders back and your heart open.

Step 5 – Name Your Empowering State

Now, come up with a compelling, powerful name for this state; for what you are feeling in your mind, body & spirit. Move around the room, expressing your energy and saying your word or phrase with passion and vigor!

You Have A Brilliant 2nd Act Ahead of You – Why Keep Waiting In The Wings?

Are you ready to eliminate overwhelm and create a future that serves you instead of one that drains you?

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    • Center yourself
    •  Pinpoint your negative beliefs
    • Transform those negative beliefs
    • Use your body
    • Embrace your empowering state

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