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Blast Through The Glass Ceiling! 

Baby Boomer Executives Are Launching Expert Coaching & Consulting Careers -

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"It´s time to crash through that ceiling en masse so our children & yours have the 

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The World Needs MORE Coaches 

Let´s get more people coached! Start living the lucrative, freed-up lifestyle of an expert coach/consultant.

Here´s how...

William & the three most important women in his life...

In 12 short weeks you can learn how to:

  • Crash through the Glass Ceiling
  • Finally get paid for your true contributions
  • Powerfully shift your mindset into full-on entrepreneurship mode
  • Create more stability and make more money in less time - oft times more in 8 hours than you made in 40+
  • Set your own schedule - how does two hours per day, four days a week sound?
  • Work with motivated people that you like and who like you
  • Dramatically reduce your stress and that of others
  • Have an 8 second commute - from your bedroom to your office
  • Coach anywhere in the world via Skype, Go-To-Meeting, phone or...

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Hello, my name is William Holt and I grew up as a Baby Boomer in a middle class Chicago neighborhood.

My mother was a good 50’s wife, marginalized, objectified and passed up.

Even at an early age, I felt angry that there was not more balance and collaboration in my parents’ relationship. Mom eventually went to work for a big truck dealership where she was in awe of their success and bowed to all the male authority.

Mom & Me at Tavern on the Green, Central Park 1976

I couldn´t help my mom as she was passed over for promotions and raises.

On her last job she worked tirelessly for “the man” for 22 years, then got fired without a pension and got replaced by a younger person she had trained.

I had a similar experience working two years in a fast track executive training program.

This was for the number one international publishing house in the world at that time. I worked in Amsterdam, New York and Chicago getting two promotions and kudos for my beginning era demographics work.

At the end of the 2 year program my fellow (Yes there were no women in the program) executives graduated to cushy jobs in world capitals with cars and lucrative expense accounts and great titles. So I was so excited when it came to my turn until my boss said, "We have no place for you."

My world fell apart and there was no reason why given.

I learned later from a board member I had befriended that I did not make it into "The club." To get into the club, one went to an Ivy League school, wore yuppie button down clothes and new the "right" people. I was laid off (fired) and given a very generous payment.

Same glass ceiling different gender! Ready for the Big One?

Six months later I was fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming a singer and an actor. I had been teaching myself the guitar (Inspired by someone that I worked with at the publishing company), teaching myself to sing and began to perform at a friend's Pub on open mike Sundays. On the second time I performed, someone asked me if I knew enough songs for a whole night and I asked them when I would be starting and they said in three weeks and I said, "I will by then."

Was I laid off or set free to pursue a dream of my heart?!!!

More about Mom later and my two-year-old twin girls and my strong life partner Adriana for you to understand that I am on a mission that serves females that I believe are the hope for the future of this planet. All without making men wrong.

Who Is William Holt?

The Master Coach´s Coach

William has worked with coaching clients and international executives from Chevron, Toyota, Bank of America, Bechtel, Unilever, BP and many others for over 25 years. He has personally trained over 240 executives to become coaches in and outside of their companies.

​The Coach´s Skills & Techniques Trainer

By spending over 25 years in the "coaching and training trenches”, William has created his own coaching system; a system that works simply and powerfully for his clients. It’s a dynamic, enjoyable combination of NLP, Motivational Psychology, Organizational Engineering, Coaching, Sports Psychology and even Hypnotherapy.

A Coaching Methodology Creator (The Best of the Best)

William´s coaching company has won many awards, including the Unilever Silver Award and the Best Practices Aware for an outstanding Coaching Training Program at BP. With his methodology, you get the quick, simplified, super-effective & fun versions of all he has learned in his 25+ years of coaching.

The Holt Coaching Method

Use the world-renowned Holt Coaching System, William travels the world teaching fellow "boomers" and professionals how to set up their own lucrative coaching business from scratch. The system is perfect for people who are more seasoned; people wanting to pursue a fun, lifestyle business that can be done either full or part-time, from anywhere, earning more in less time. 

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