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Live Purposefully Starting Today

live purposefully

Knowing your purpose in any given instance is a great way of achieving rapport with yourself. Learn to live your life purposefully and do your best to teach your clients to live purposefully as well. One Simple Shift Pick a purpose for virtually every meeting, every project and every interaction you have. For instance, my purpose in […]

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How The Stress Words You Use Lead To The Stress You Feel


How clean is your language? I am not talking about “expletives” however several of the words I´m going to share with you are four letter words. Today, I want to suggest to you that your words have a direct link and often reflect your inner state and that every thought you have has a biological […]

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Asking Questions: The Key to Crucial Change

asking questions

I wish I could give you a magical formula for all the different types of questions and show you exactly how to ask them–and in which order— to ensure that each of your coaching sessions is as powerful as possible. The truth is, though, there is no single way to do this. Tapping into the […]

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How To Succeed as an Expert Coach

how to succeed as an expert coach

The demand for coaching is growing. As more and more people set their sights on bigger and bigger visions for themselves, they are recognizing the value coaching brings to helping them achieve their goals – faster.  You want to be an expert coach. But how do you set yourself apart from the rest? How do […]

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