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The Key To Success Is NOT Knowledge

key to success

We often think we know what the key to success is and, at the same time, we struggle greatly with putting that key to use…Let Me Tell You A StoryBack when I lived in Primrose Hill, near Regents Park, one of the ritzier parts of London, I liked to go jogging in the park with […]

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One Soft Skill Every Truly Great Coach Needs To Perfect

soft skill

With more than 25 years of coaching and mentoring under my belt, I´ve discovered that there´s one soft skill every truly great coach needs to perfect.Do you know what it is? Let me give you a hint…Most people do not listen with the intent to understand. They listen with the intent to reply. Most people stop […]

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Change: What Our Monkey Cousins Can Teach Us

critical mass change

Did you know that it takes only about 13 percent of the population to undergo a heart-mind change in order for a critical mass change of consciousness to occur? This hypothesis is based on what ́s called The Hundredth Monkey effect and is outlined in the book by the same title.How A Baby Monkey Changed […]

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Live Purposefully Starting Today

live purposefully

Knowing your purpose in any given instance is a great way of achieving rapport with yourself. Learn to live your life purposefully and do your best to teach your clients to live purposefully as well. One Simple Shift Pick a purpose for virtually every meeting, every project and every interaction you have. For instance, my purpose in […]

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