Why Baby Boomer Women Make The Best (Self-Employed) Bosses

Why Baby Boomer Women Make The Best Bosses

Abraham Lincoln wrote about the inevitability of self-employment for all thinking people.

Since Lincoln’s day, women have earned the right to vote and entered into the workforce. But women still don’t enjoy equal pay. Quite often, women aren’t even considered the social equals of the men they work with.

Social Experiments

Baby Boomer women entering the working world in the 1970s and 1980s wished for love and money. For many Boomer women, today’s birthday cake is a reminder of how many dreams are left unfulfilled.

If you were guaranteed success, what would you do in your next brilliant 2nd Act in life?

  • How would your ideal day look like?
  • What would be doing? Where would you be?
  • Who would be with you?
  • What would you propose for work and living be?
  • How prosperous would life be?

Why It's Crucial For Baby Boomer Women To Take Action Now

Baby Boomer women are trailblazers. They’ve seen, accomplished, and endured so much. But many stand like Bambi in the headlights – they want more but don’t know where to turn! (Believe me I have been there as an outsider trying to get into the club.)

Mommy Track'ed?

Some early career successes were derailed by the decision to have a baby. Passed up for promotions, women of this demographic group also experienced a higher divorce rate.

Young-ish Boomer marriages failed more than fifty percent of the time through the peak year of 1997. After divorce, single parenthood, deadbeat husbands, and mounting responsibilities, many women gave up.

Boomer Woman Stress

Ask a Baby Boomer woman if she’s stressed out, or if her stress resolved with a broken marriage, children in college, or children who can’t find work in today’s economy. She’s likely to respond with a weary smile.

Can you really afford to take the risk of NOT GETTING INTO YOUR OWN BUSINESS?”

Because, the truth is, you can’t.

More Freedom, More Money, More Certainty, More Love & Connection

Have career and life choices made you believe it’s just too late to accomplish dreams of unlimited prosperity and freedom?

It is too late only when you give up. You’re here now, and you’re ready for more.

The leap of faith is to become your own boss and put all that previous time, effort and loyalty to who you really are and can be.

Most Boomer women already have all the skills they need to make millions and live in the world on their own terms.

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