The Key To Releasing The Stress You Feel

releasing stress

Last week we talked about the “box” so many people find themselves in and the stress that living there causes them. If you´re interested in releasing stress from your life, you need to get out of that box! But of course you can get yourself out of the box and start releasing stress, you need to […]

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Outside The Box Thinking: The Key To Creativity

Outside The Box Thinking

The modern person is a prisoner in a box…and the instructions for getting out are written on the outside. ~ G.I. GurdjieffWhen I first read this, it left me pretty depressed. I remember thinking: Well, hell! How am I going to get outside the box if the instructions are written on the outside? You know, […]

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How To Transform Wishes Into Results Starting Today

how to transform

When it comes to how to transform wishes into results, there are a few things you need to be aware of. For example…Did you know that roughly 35% of all people are really keen to know the “why” of things, right up front? Why am I doing this? Why should I be paying attention here? And […]

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The Secret To Seeing Things Differently

seeing things differently

As a coach, your job is to help people reframe things; to help them in seeing things differently as they make their way along life’s journey. And, reframing is all around us. It’s part of humor . It’s part of all growth. “Seeing Things Differently”: A Personal Example Back in 1969, I went through a two-year program […]

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