We Train People How To Treat Us

We train people how to treat us

Take me for example…  I learned early on in life that a successful survival strategy was to please my parents. So, later in life I continued to be a people-pleaser and trained people that I would be there for them – which then became our un-written, un-spoken un-wholesome contract. Then, when something terrible happened to me and I […]

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Is Your Future In The Past?

Is your future in the past

“You become one parent and marry the other one.” I really fought this one for a while and, with deeper self reflection, I saw how the truth in it. Think about it for a moment – what of your mom or dad do you see in yourself? Now, what of your more or dad do you see […]

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7 Success Steps For Changing Careers That Actually Work!

Success Steps for Changing Careers

Seriously thinking about changing careers…but afraid of doing what it takes to make it happen? I know just how daunting changing careers can seem – particularly if you´re not really sure how or where to begin. And yet… It´s also a move that has the potential to bring greater joy, more fulfillment, and an increased sense of satisfaction […]

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40+ And Wanting To Become A Coach?

Become a coach after 40

One of my favorite sayings is: Life begins at 40. And I believe that´s also the perfect time to launch a career as an expert coach & consultant! While there are a lot of things you can do at the age of 40, if you have a passion for coaching but haven’t yet had the chance […]

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