Your Biggest Challenge & Opportunity

biggest challenge and opportunity

Were you taught as a youngster about “how to think” and “how to be able to change your thinking at will”? You were not?  Me, neither. If you are not choosing what to think, who is running the show?  I suggest that you are not. You are sleepwalking yourself through your day and your life.  And you are […]

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Happy or Right? You Choose!

choose the relationship

​What is this obsession we have with being “right”? What is every argument about?  Proving that the other is wrong and that I’m… right?! Here´s a thought:  When you are happy with yourself you do not have the need to be right so much of the time… What do you think?  

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We Train People How To Treat Us

We train people how to treat us

We really do train the people how to treat us. Take me for example…  I learned early on in life that a successful survival strategy was to please my parents. So, later in life I continued to be a people-pleaser and trained people that I would be there for them – which then became our un-written, un-spoken […]

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Is Your Future In The Past?

Is your future in the past

“You become one parent and marry the other one.” I really fought this one for a while and, with deeper self reflection, I saw how the truth in it. Think about it for a moment – what of your mom or dad do you see in yourself? Now, what of your more or dad do you see […]

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