How Can You Hit A Target You Cannot See?

Your business plan is also a life plan. Design yours today.

Building the business requires a business plan.

Write one now.

If you’ve saved in a 401(k) plan, loan yourself some money if necessary. This money is yours. Give yourself a favorable interest rate. You’ve earned it.

Living longer and living well requires a financial plan.

Earning more money through self-employment can help you save more. Save as much as possible in a tax-deferred account and take advantage of the costs of doing business as a self-employed person. This is a gift from Uncle Sam!

How can you hit a target you cannot see?

How Can You Hit A Target You Cannot See?

The RAS & How It Helps You

Your Reticular Activating System of your brain filters out things that you do not believe and only allows you to perceive, register what is in accordance with your belief systems.

What is the first letter of the word belief and the first letter of the word system?

BS, right?!

So it behooves all of us to challenge our thinking because...

Whether you believe you can or you believe you can, you are right.

Quick Action Opportunity

In the morning upon awakening and just before we fall asleep we are in an alpha brainwave, super-learning state.

Again visualize yourself having already made the changes you want to make in your life, overcoming all obstacles and concerns until they become resolved by your imagination and creativity.

Take some simple actions as often as they occur to you.

Call three supportive friends and ask what they think about you being in your own business.

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