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The 6 Levels of Coaching Excellence

biggest challenge and opportunity

We all strive for excellence in what we do. And, as a coach, there are levels of excellence we should be aiming for.   The best coaches in the world are those who can be trusted and relied on to help and support their clients in overcoming their struggles. Trust and dependability play an important role […]

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Why Become A Coach

5 Important Reasons Why People Become Coaches

If you play or follow any kind of sport, you know that behind every team or player is a coach, guiding them to victory. It is very rare that a player does not have a coach to help them train, develop strategy and review mistakes. Coaches aren´t just out on the playing field, however. They’re also […]

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Expert Coach?

Do you have what it takes to be an expert coach?

What do you think…do you have what it takes to be an expert coach & consultant? I mean, knowing how to do something isn´t the same as being really good at it.  Being a really good coach takes more than just knowledge, experience and expertise.  What is that special something that expert coaches have and […]

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A Tale of Two Coaches…And A Mentor

A tale of two coaches

Five years ago, two very similar women, Beth and Margaret, started their own coaching and consulting businesses in the same area of expertise. Both women were very similar in every way. Both had graduated near the top of their class in college. Both were smart, talented, motivated, personable, and hard-working. Both were able to motivate their clients. Both knew their […]

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