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Change: What Our Monkey Cousins Can Teach Us

critical mass change

Did you know that it takes only about 13 percent of the population to undergo a heart-mind change in order for a critical mass change of consciousness to occur? This hypothesis is based on what ́s called The Hundredth Monkey effect and is outlined in the book by the same title.How A Baby Monkey Changed […]

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How The Stress Words You Use Lead To The Stress You Feel


How clean is your language? I am not talking about “expletives” however several of the words I´m going to share with you are four letter words. Today, I want to suggest to you that your words have a direct link and often reflect your inner state and that every thought you have has a biological […]

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Your Biggest Challenge & Opportunity

Your biggest challenge

Were you taught as a youngster about “how to think” and “how to be able to change your thinking at will”? You were not?  Me, neither. If you are not choosing what to think, who is running the show?  I suggest that you are not. You are sleepwalking yourself through your day and your life.  And you are […]

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Happy or Right? You Choose!

choose the relationship

​What is this obsession we have with being “right”? What is every argument about?  Proving that the other is wrong and that I’m… right?! Here´s a thought:  When you are happy with yourself you do not have the need to be right so much of the time… What do you think?  

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