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Why Baby Boomer Women Make The Best (Self-Employed) Bosses

Why Baby Boomer Women Make The Best Bosses

Abraham Lincoln wrote about the inevitability of self-employment for all thinking people. Since Lincoln’s day, women have earned the right to vote and entered into the workforce. But women still don’t enjoy equal pay. Quite often, women aren’t even considered the social equals of the men they work with.Social ExperimentsBaby Boomer women entering the working world […]

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Baby Boomer Women & Their Entrepreneurial Potential

While the corporate sector continues to quarrel over the gender pay gap, women are cashing in with their own entrepreneurial skills. Women are finally realizing their entrepreneurial potentials.According to Forbes, research conducted by Zenger Folkman found”women make better teams; and they’re more liked and respected as managers.”The rewards of running your own business far outweigh […]

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Let’s Talk About Risk…

Let's Talk About Risk...

My coaching clients often speak to me about risk, because there’s quite a bit of risk associated with being alive. Specifically, they’re often concerned about the idea of becoming their own boss and giving up a “sure thing.” Job security in someone else’s business is an illusion at best. Many clients have worked in corporate […]

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Negotiate: All The Nice Girls DO

Self-employment is a promise to yourself. You’re in business for you. You’re not going to settle. You do what it takes, within ethical and legal limits, to achieve your goals. Sometimes, in order to achieve those goals, you have to negotiate… Have you ever negotiated at work? During a bonus discussion, perhaps your boss announced, “Linda, you’re […]

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