A Tale of Two Coaches…And A Mentor

A tale of two coaches

Five years ago, two very similar women, Beth and Margaret, started their own coaching and consulting businesses in the same area of expertise.

Both women were very similar in every way.

Both had graduated near the top of their class in college.

Both were smart, talented, motivated, personable, and hard-working.

Both were able to motivate their clients.

Both knew their field of expertise, inside and out.

In every way, Beth and Margaret both seemed on the fast track to success.

Five years later, both Beth and Margaret were still coaching.

But there was one big difference…

Beth had a thriving coaching business. 

Margaret was struggling to find enough clients to pay her rent at the end of the month, and was seriously considering  throwing in the towel. 

What Made the Difference?

The fact is, we all know that talent, hard work and dedication alone don’t guarantee success.

Neither does intelligence, “knowing the right people,” or being willing to sacrifice short-term pleasure for long-term success.


What guarantees success is being willing to invest in that success.

To invest in yourself now, knowing that the small upfront sacrifice in the short term will pay off big dividends in the years ahead.

And there are few, if any, investments in your future that guarantee you’ll advance farther and faster in your coaching career than working with a mentor who has a proven track record.

Facts are facts, so let’s look at the hard numbers:

— The MEDIAN result for an executive who works with a coach is a 700% return on their investment.

— The top executive coaches typically receive “good” or “positive” ratings from 95% of their clients

— Among those industry experts coached by skilled mentors, 96% say they would repeat the process and/or recommend it to colleagues.

Fact is, numbers like those are difficult if not nearly impossible to achieve in ANY area of business.

And in coaching, the statistics speak for themselves.

Your Choice of a Mentor Makes All the Difference!

Of course, not every mentor can help you achieve these outcomes.

In fact, choosing the wrong mentor can be as harmful to your career as choosing the right one can be beneficial.

Since 1984 I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and executives at companies small and large, including some of the most prestigious international companies in the world, including Unilever, Exxon, Hewlett-Packard, British Petroleum and more.

Now I train executive women to become executive  coaches and consultants in their field of expertise. The mentoring I provide is guaranteed to return a positive ROI on your investment many times over — and we’re not simply speaking about a substantial financial return.

My multi-dimensional coaching training programs are “holistic,” focusing not just on “making money,” but also on attitudinal and behavioral mastery to define, design and align your future.

Because you and I both know life is about more than just money alone.

In fact, your goal in working with an expert mentor may have very little to do with your financial goals, and more with your personal growth which can greatly influence income.

No matter what your motivation is to become an expert coach & consultant,  you’re able to choose from an intense one-on-one program to group coaching and home study programs with a similar focus. 

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About the Author William Holt

William Holt is the go-to coach and trainer for executives & professionals wanting to transition to coaching as a way of sharing their professional expertise with the world. He is also an international speaker, author and the creator of the revolutionary Holt Coaching Certification Method.

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