Change: What Our Monkey Cousins Can Teach Us


Did you know that it takes only about 13 percent of the population to undergo a heart-mind change in order for a critical mass change of consciousness to occur? This hypothesis is based on what ́s called The Hundredth Monkey effect and is outlined in the book by the same title.

How A Baby Monkey Changed The World

The author, Ken Keyes, tells the story of a colony of monkeys that lived on an island and only ate sweet potatoes. The curious thing however is that these monkeys would not eat any sweet potatoes that were dirty; instead they would just push them off to the side and leave them to waste. 

One day, a baby monkey was playing with a dirty sweet potato and dropped it in water. Pulling the sweet potato from the water and seeing it was clean, the baby monkey ate it. Then he did the same with another sweet potato. 

Gradually, other young monkeys began to notice what the baby monkey was doing and mimic its behavior. Over time, more and more monkeys began washing the dirty sweet potatoes and eating them so that far fewer sweet potatoes were going to waste. At some point, so many monkeys had adopted this new way of doing things that the new behavior became the norm. Simultaneously, a breakthrough of consciousness is said to have occurred, one that jumped from island to island without any direct form of communication passing it along.

The Power of Awareness

The Hundredth Monkey effect essentially maintains that when a certain critical mass gains a new awareness, that new awareness may be passed on, from mind to mind. 

And, while there is no definitive number, The Hundredth Monkey effect is based on the belief that if only a small number of people grasp a new way of doing things, that knowledge stays within the conscious mind of those people. Should however one more person tap into that new way of doing things, the realm of conscious knowledge expands and grows as it is picked up by more and more people, across the globe. 

That ́s a critical mass change - pretty incredible, don ́t you think? 

What would the world be like if the number of people who chose to live purposefully reached critical mass?

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