The Holt Expert Coaching Method 


Quick, Simple & Powerful Change

"It´s never too late to live your own dream." ~ Oprah

"Live life fully, without the brakes on!" ~ William Holt​

In 12 Short Weeks...

You can learn to combine your expert skills and experience with some dramatically effective coaching skills and start building your Expert Coaching practice.

What, where, why, when, who and how will all be made clear. Only those who want to sincerely serve others with their next steps in their work lives need apply.

During this course you will rediscover that...

In helping others to grow and change, you yourself will be transformed.

Because the true beauty of all our professional systems, skills and tools is that they can be used personally as well. 

Here is an overview of some of the program content:

Stress Minimization on Command

Stress is the modern-day competitive, red-ocean hamster wheel that eats away at productivity, increases dis-ease and shortens your lifespan. It lurks in the background, dragging you down and demanding more energy for each task you set out to accomplish.

We give you three tools you can use to reduce stress at will, no matter how light or acute it may be. Reducing stress increases your work output by 30% to 70% per day.

Communication in a Wholesome Life Changing Mode

This is not taught and we want to speak before we have a complete picture as to how another sees a situation and even more importantly how you regard them fundamentally. Turn this around with a profound 5-Step technique called B.A.S.I.C. A technique that - when done well - works 98%!

How to Shift The Inner Critic that Distracts You

Negative, accusing, misdirected and fearful, our Inner Critic quite often leads us to focus on all the wrong things. Learn to get your Inner Critic in check and disempoer it, from one moment to the next. When you do, your clarity, concentration and direction will multiply manyfold!

How to Conduct a Professional/Life Audit

Learn how to show your client the "current reality" of who and where they are when it comes to satisfying the 6 Basic Human Needs. Doing this will ensure you know what is important to them and where to start with your coaching.

The Secret to Accelerating The Learning Process

Discover how to connect with those things you hold dearest to your heart when it comes to making a true difference in this world. In this rich Second Act of your valuable existence, transformation begins with "paying it forward". A great payday will follow as a result of your skills and your generosity!

The Four Coaching Zones

Important elements of each coaching session and a valuable debrief checklist to help you see how well you are able to maximize them. 

All this and more that is not taught in other courses.

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Allow William To Serve You, So You Can Serve Others...

The Holt Coaching Method has been a work-in-progress over the last twenty years as William has learned, taught, designed and delivered a variety of coaching programs. This foundational course combines the crucial sciences of motivational, sports and emotional psychology with his experience in advanced rapport, strategic and dramatic quick-change techniques.

The Support & Your Bold Adventure Continues

Upon completion you will be part of a Support System that serves to embed what you know into your own life, have ways to build your practice, have a practice partner, mentor coaching, a Master-Mind group and the option of additional advanced training.

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the Holt Coaching Method is a good fit for you: