The Key To Success Is NOT Knowledge

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We often think we know what the key to success is and, at the same time, we struggle greatly with putting that key to use...

Let Me Tell You A Story

Back when I lived in Primrose Hill, near Regents Park, one of the ritzier parts of London, I liked to go jogging in the park with my friend Paul Clark. A very interesting fellow, by the name of Paul, was a retired colonel who had traveled extensively and had a great deal of knowledge on a wide range of subjects. 

At that point in my life, I struggled with the belief that I was stupid. Looking back now, I realize that a better word would be unknowledgeable; someone who hadn’t done anything worthy of being acknowledged as important, especially by people I admired. 

Paul and I often went jogging through Regents Park each week. We ́d jog at a pace that allowed talking and, I can tell you, we had some very interesting conversations. 

During our conversations, when Paul would mention something about how to improve eyesight, let's say, or some other new interesting study he ́d read, my reply would always be: I know, Paul. I know.  

The Impact of a Few Wise Words

One day, after I ́d given him the same reply once again or once too often, Paul suddenly stopped, looked me straight in the eyes and said: William, to KNOW and not to DO is not yet to know.

...ah, that first glimmer of the true key to success presented itself.  

I ́ll never forget the way Paul looked at me that day; the conviction in his voice. Even now, his words have an impact on me. 

Whenever I find myself feeling like I know something without having taken action on it, Paul ́s voice  echoes in my mind, prompting me into action. 

And that's the key to success: 

Having the knowledge you need to succeed and ACTING on it.

As your coach, mentor and friend, I want to get you moving. I want to propel you towards your dreams and help you learn the coaching principles you need to become the best coach you can be. My signature program, the Holt Coaching Method, gets you applying and practicing the techniques I teach right from the start and right from the heart. 

Some will take more time than others to assimilate and master but doing is the key to success!  

And, if you need a little push, try doing what Soren Kierkegaard, the father of existentialism, used to do when he was struggling to do what he knew needed to be done:

Go up to your garret/attic (your office, the cellar or wherever…) and shout at the top of your lungs, “I will DO it !!!” - over and over again until you transform your hesitation into excitement and eagerness for the task at hand. 

Just like Kierkegaard, you are the motivator of your soul. There is no better time than NOW to take action on what you know, because  


About the Author William Holt

William Holt is the go-to coach and trainer for executives & professionals wanting to transition to coaching as a way of sharing their professional expertise with the world. He is also an international speaker, author and the creator of the revolutionary Holt Coaching Certification Method.

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