MINDSET: The Challenges & Rewards of Change

When you become your own boss, you will understand how much money you’ve been makingfor an employer. If you weren’t generating an actual multiple well beyond your current salary, your job would vanish! Poof!

Go for it, and do it now!

What is the price NOT to?!

MINDSET: The Challenges & Rewards of Change

What are the costs of not being your own boss and having your own business? Whether you’ve got one of those “good jobs.” or you’re dealing with the common plight ofunderemployment, face yourself:

Has time passed without your dreams getting realized?

Has life turned out the way you hoped it would?

Performance to date...

Get in touch with that younger version of you.

  • What did you want?
  • What did you hope for?

Then compare:

  • What have I got?
  • Where am I headed?
  • How can I get to where I intend myself to go?

Do this now.

You don’t have a second to waste.The (un)fairness of life wins only when you believe it does.And it’s a shock to work for many decades and still have so few satisfying results.

According to recruiters:

  • Employers don’t value your “wisdom” or “experience.”

You can’t change others’ limited perceptions, but you can decide to live life as a bold adventure. Change your mind and you will change your life.

MINDSET: The Challenges & Rewards of Change

What are the costs of women’s silent complicity in the way the world treats women?

Most women don’t look outside their own lives to see that women are collectively undervalued.

They don’t make deep friendships with other women. And they don’t seek strong female mentors, and don’tmentor younger women.

Many women distrust both sexes, so they feel cut off from the world.

Who do you know that you could emulate or ask to be your transition mentor?

What are the objections to taking control of your life NOW?

Unless food and shelter are at risk, take control now!

What are the benefits of being your own boss and having your own business?

You have freedom of choice – to work with those you like. Boss or co-worker management and added stress will magically disappear.

What about a Second Brilliant Act?

Self-sufficiency, economic and emotional freedom, stronger relationships, and more satisfaction at work sound like dreams come true, but some women object with:

  • I’m too old.

In comparison to what?

You’ve gained benefits from life and experience, including patience, perspective, discernment, and a loving approach to dealing with others.

Your experience, and your mind, are what’s needed. Use them.

  • It’s too risky.

Risk is also a matter of perception and choice. Ageism is certain. Unless you die, you will continue to age.

You’re likely to live into your eighties, nineties, or hundreds.

Only eleven percent of Boomers can afford to retire. Even if you think there’s enough saved, what if you live a really long time?

What does “enough money to retire” mean to you? Do you have enough for the next thirty or forty years?

The riskiness of the future is certain. Without improving your economic life, the decision against self-employment (inaction) is actually the greatest risk you can take.

  • It costs too much.

What’s your life worth?

There are many low-cost types of start-ups, including an e-commerce business. Register a domain and get started in less than a day.

  • I do not have enough experience.

Every woman in her fifties and sixties has experience. Facing the self, or facing one’s partners, family, and friends, may be hidden behind this statement.

Self-Sufficiency Is Security

Becoming your own boss involves taking stock of life to date.

If you’re unhappy at lack of control at work, or if thoughts about starting a business that’s authentically yours counts, take action now.

Anxiety is a killer. Are you willing to get off the corporate treadmill and run towards happiness? The decision to work for yourself is the way to take control of your life.

Optimism about the future can also restore your health, vitality, and spirit. (You can’t buy them!)

When your mindset set shifts you make room for all the wonder of life’s offerings to transform you and your circumstances. Step 2 will then make sense and you will embrace it.

Step 1, changing your mindset to becoming your own boss, is a necessity before all else which is why I have spent so much time here talking about it and how to shift. If you are not convinced yet, please go back and review and do Step 1 again.

Quick Action Opportunity

Close your eyes and actually see yourself being your own boss enjoying all the time, financial and relationship benefits working from your favorite place in the world.

Do this every morning upon awakening and just when you are about to fall asleep for one week. You will have your answer by then.

Ask yourself if any of the concerns you have are deal-breakers. You will be pleasantly surprised at your answers.

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