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William Holt Testimonial

 Davinder H.

Regional Sales Manager 

William is an exceptional coach and motivator. He has a unique ability that allowed me to think through my ideas and follow through with planning the next steps. I must honestly say, before meeting William, I never really thought in detail many ideas that I have had in terms of my career goals or personal growth.
He listens intently while asking simple questions that drive the me towards the goals that i set out to achieve.

His knowledge and experience are exceptional, surely the result of years of engaging and interacting with people. William's coaching methods and skills have allowed me to think at a new level as a person, employee, husband & father.

I would recommend William in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a life coach - and I have done that many a times : )

William Holt Testimonials

 Jan Marie Mueller

 Belief Coach & Biz Strategist 

When it comes to the meaningful art of communication, William has a tremendous depth of understanding and experience. Through my work with him, I have become more focused on how I listen to my clients as well as on the quality of the questions I ask during my coaching sessions. His easy-going coaching style makes each 1:1 calls enjoyable, insightful, and transformational. I am so grateful for my time with William. It has made a huge difference in both the quality of my communication on a professional level and the quality of my relationships, overall.

 Johnene Horton 

 Coach & Project Manager, Gas & Oil Industry 

The William Holt Coaching Method may be applied to business interactions, coaching clients or used directly for personal development and comes with my heartfelt recommendation. I am grateful for William Holt's influence as my teacher, mentor and friend.

 Irina Wendler 

 Career Coach 

Since I started working with William, I have continuously been taking steps which bring me closer and closer to becoming the best version of myself.

His coaching methodology is straightforward with a seemingly inexhaustible source of easily applicable, yet immensely effective strategies.

He has helped me gain clarity about my business goals and encouraged me to build my coaching and training practice in tune with my true self.

William's serenity and great sense of humor has made the sometimes “painful” process of getting unstuck and following your dreams a fun, holistic experience.

With Authenticity and warmth, paired with wisdom and experience, he regularly designs homework, which always comes in the shape of a challenge, bringing me out of my comfort zone in an inspiring and enlightening way.

I recommend the Holt Coaching Method to everyone who intends to build and grow a successful, heart-centered coaching & training business within a short time.

 Liza Hella 

 Concert Pianist, Coach & Actress 

The William Holt Coaching Method provided me with a comprehensive and experiential education that prepared me to launch new skills and tools into my every interaction and greatly enhance my current business by elevating my teaching skills and the ability to empower my students. The feedback from my students has been remarkable!

William works from his intellect, expertise, intuition, and heart; a rare and perfect combination of traits that will empower you to become your best, whilepreparing you to create even more in your present business.

If you are seeking personal growth along with a solid education that will provide you with the expertise to develop your own successful coaching style, I highly recommend The Holt Method!

Tony Teegarden - Personal & Professional Results with the Holt Coaching Method

 Holly Davis 

 M.A., Vice President 

I have hired William as a resource to help design and lead a major change effort with a medical device company. I have also worked with William with one of his clients, a major energy company. In all instances, William demonstrated deep knowledge and professionalism, personal mastery, and insight into organizational and individual transformation.

William is a generous listener, a witty and interesting trainer; a highly-skilled facilitator, and a wonderful contributor to the world. I hired William as a Business Consultant in 2002.

 Ann De Jaeger 

 The Learning Partnership, CEO 

The first thing you notice about William is his smile. It´s genuine and warm. He has surprised me and our team as a skilled and convincing facilitator who wins trust easily. He really helps to create a safe environment for people to learn and work on their own development.(Originally hired William as a business consultant in 2004 and has since hired him more than once.)

 Pablo Garrido 

 Unilever, Regional Chairman

William´s coaching method´s contribution to the business and the board was a most valuable one, making a significant difference in our performance results. His Holt Coaching Method´s involvement was the success factor in many key situations. (Originally hired William as a career coach in 2002 as well as for the next eight years for our board of directors and other key personnel.)

 John O´Dell 

University of Houston,  Director of Alumni,

William, through his Holt Coaching Methodology, has an exceptional ability to guide his clients through experiential discussions which cause them to see situations in different lights and make better choices. He applies his skills with individuals to significantly improve their ability to attain results important to them. He works with management teams at all levels to guide them into choices that improve their ablity to establish priorities and goals and deliver excellent results. He has helped many of the world’s top corporations yet also enjoys working with small and mid-size company executives.

 Troy Kuhn 

  Coleman "The Outdoor Company,"  

Sales Director

William has opened doors of opportunity and has given me direction on how to approach these. He challenges me to think outside the box and has taught me to become more proactive and less reactive. He is very trustworthy and communicates effectively. (Originally hired William as a business consultant in 2009 and has since hired him more than once.)

 Roxanne De-Freitas 

 Unilever, CEO 

I personally have enjoyed the Holt Method coaching process and it has been a key contribution to my present success. I now have the simple yet powerful skills to coach my team.

 Denis Burke 

 The Learning Partnership, Associate Executive

Having seen William deliver challenging material in the field of personal development, what stands out for me is that with William, what you see is what you get. At the same time, he retains the ability to surprise, and to laugh. (Worked directly with William at TriVergent International)

 Dr. Elizabeth Jolley 

 British Petroleum, VP 

I invited William and TriVergent to develop a coaching program for the team. The tools TriVergent developed taught the coaching pairs to think, listen, act and behave differently to produce their results.

 Azim Ali 

  British Petroleum, Human Resources

William has the capability to inquire and understand what is in the hearts and minds of employees This allowed him to coach and motivate them very effectively resulting in job satisfaction and career development.  (Originally hired William as a career coach in 2005 and has hired William more than once.)

 Raphael White 

Unilever Caribbean,  Supply Chain Director

William and his coaching method, in my personal experience is coaching at its best. He knows in detail the fundamentals of developing a high performance team, and he always encourages you to go the extra mile. His integrity builds strong and confident relationships and inspires a sense of responsibility and a desire to become a better professional as well as a better person.  (Originally hired William as a career coach in 2006 and has since hired him more than once.)