Why Become A Coach

Why become a coach

If you play or follow any kind of sport, you know that behind every team or player is a coach, guiding them to victory. It is very rare that a player does not have a coach to help them train, develop strategy and review mistakes.

Coaches aren´t just out on the playing field, however. They’re also common in the workplace, as motivational speakers, and as personal life coaches.

As a coach, you can help people achieve different types of goals depending on your area of expertise. Perhaps you´re an expert in weight loss management or you have extensive skills in the area of communications and want to focus on helping businesses improve cooperation in the workplace.

There are almost as many different kinds of coaches as there are individuals.

Why become a coach?

Many people choose coaching as a profession because they feel passionate about helping others become the best they can be. Others simply love motivating people to help them achieve their goals.

If you are considering a career in coaching, chances are you already know that it is one of the most rewarding professions you could ever have. But, if you are still not convinced, here are 5 more important reasons to get started on your journey to becoming a coach today:

#1:  To Be An Effective Leader 

It is no secret that a coach also needs to be a leader. As a coach, it´s your job to help your clients see things they may not otherwise be aware of, gain focus when they are feeling scattered and develop strategies that keep them moving in the right direction.

You will review different solutions for various problems and help your clients maneuver the ups and downs that can throw them off track. Your clients will look to you for guidance and you will continually nudge them to do what needs to be done in order for them to reach their full potential. 

Over time, as you grow as a coach, your leadership skills will grow right along with you. 

#2: To Gain A Competitive Advantage 

Within your area of expertise, chances are there are many other coaches out there with the same approach as you, or who know the same things that you do. They may have read the same books, gotten the same coaches training, and learned the same techniques. 

What they don´t have is the same range of life and work experiences that you have - your experience are unique to you and only you can draw on them to bolster the content and power of your coaching.

Being a coach means handling different situations, meeting different kinds of clients, and providing customized solutions based on your clients´ needs. Your particular experiences and your individualized approach to solving your clients´ problems are the things that will help you gain a competitive advantage over other coaches in the same field.

The more clients you serve...

  • the more experience you´ll get,
  • the more you´ll learn,
  • the more you´ll be able to hone your skills
  • the greater impact you´ll have with your clients. 

#3: To Improve Their Soft Skills

As a coach, you are considered a subject matter expert in the field that you are coaching. If you are a health coach for example, you need to be knowledgeable in the areas of nutrition, stress-reduction, strength training and cardio techniques, so that you can help your clients along their journey to better health and overall fitness.

On the other hand, if you don’t know anything about nutrition and proper exercise you cannot effectively teach someone else how to become fit. Your limited knowledge hinders your success as a coach and the fitness goals of your client.

As you learn more about the different skills needed in your coaching, you become more effective at teaching and coaching others on how to become the best they can be.

#4: To Be The Best Version of Themselves

Some people really struggle when it comes to handling difficult situations in their life. They need someone to help motivate them or point them in the right direction. That someone is usually a coach.

As a coach, it´s not unusual to encounter people with tremendous potential who simply do not know how to harness that power and become better versions of themselves.

As someone looking from the outside in, you can see things that the person you are coaching cannot see - for whatever reason. You can even see things that friends and family don’t see, simply because you have more knowledgeable in these matters.

Your job is to help your client see how much more they can be. Showing them what´s possible is like pulling open a cocoon, so that the caterpillar within can emerge as the amazingly beautiful butterfly it truly is.  

#5: To Contribute To The World 

This is one of the best reasons to become a coach. Imagine being a life coach and being able to change the way people feel about themselves or about their lives. Think about how much good you can do in the world, by coaching others to do good, as well.

Contributing your services to make the world a better place to live in is something everyone strives to do. As a coach, you do even more. You get to influence people in a positive way and help them completely change the way they see themselves, life and the world around them. 

Being a coach gives you the power to help someone who´s feeling hopeless and helpless transform their attitude, remove bad habits, instill good habits and  develop a vision for their life that has them jumping out of bed each morning, eager to start the new day!

Whatever your expertise may be, you will find a way to contribute to the world through using your knowledge and experience to coach others. 

Sometimes, all it takes is a little push from a good coach to change a person’s entire life. And that´s what coaching are all about, after all.

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About the Author William Holt

William Holt is the go-to coach and trainer for executives & professionals wanting to transition to coaching as a way of sharing their professional expertise with the world. He is also an international speaker, author and the creator of the revolutionary Holt Coaching Certification Method.

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